Looking For A Good Beginner's Guitar?

Squier Se100 Guitar Pack BeginnerIf you’re looking for a good beginner’s guitar to put under the Christmas tree this year, or perhaps for a birthday present, my first recommendation is to take a long look at Fender’s Squier SE Special Strat Pack.

For the price ($199.79 at time of writing) you can’t really beat this package – it includes Fender’s Squier SE Special Strat, Squier SP-10 amplifier (with built-in switchable distortion,) an electronic tuner, guitar strap, cable, guitar picks, a beginner’s guitar instruction book from Fender, and a gig bag. honestly, you pretty much get everything you need in the package to start playing right out of the box.

While far from a professional-level instrument, Fender’s Squier-brand of electric guitars are very well made for this kind of pricing, and they sound quite nice for the true beginner.

I don’t personally suggest buying anything cheaper for a budding guitarist, because I can tell you from personal experience that it is very difficult to stay motivated while learning a new instrument if the quality is so low that the guitar won’t stay in tune, and the action is so high that it’s difficult to play.Squier Sp-10 Beginner Amp

That said, if you’re pretty sure you’re little guitarist is going to keep at it, or if you want to purchase a guitar for someone who has already been playing for a few years, you might take a look at something a little more expensive. In that case I’d suggest the Fender Standard Stratocaster; it’s a jump up in price (just under $450 for the guitar,) and it doesn’t come with an amplifier, but you’ll get an instrument that won’t be grown out of in a few years.

Either way you go on this you’re going to get very good quality for what you’re spending…Fender dominates the guitar market for a reason –– they just make really great instruments –– and their Squire brand of guitars brings excellent production quality to the low-cost market. Check one out. I think you’ll be impressed.