25 Guitars In One: The Line 6 Variax 600

Line 6 VariaxBrave New World Of Guitar Modeling

The Variax 600 is Line 6’s cool new retro-styled digital modeling guitar – an instrument that claims to faithfully reproduce the sounds of twenty-five different classic guitars via Line 6’s proprietary modeling technology.

Now, I’ve never played one of these, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has because I find the entire idea highly intriguing… I mean, who wouldn’t want access to all of those great guitar sounds from a single, relatively cheap instrument?

According to Line 6, developing the Variax models was difficult and time-consuming work, as you can well imagine–

We auditioned an amazing array of vintage instruments to find the ones with the most distinctive voices and personalities. We applied our painstaking measuring techniques to these specimens, and refined our models while constantly referring back to the originals for accuracy. When the model reached the point not only sounding like the original, but also being as much fun to play, it was done.

I’m not entirely sure I believe the hype just yet, but if the Variax 600 is anywhere near as good as its been made out to be it would be a real boon to guitarists who find themselves with big dreams, but a very minimal budget.

The Line 6 Variax 600 Features–

  • Comfort-Contoured Basswood Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple Fretboard With 22 Frets
  • L.R. Baggs Tremolo Unit
  • Standard 1/4“ Output Jack
  • Digital I/O: For Use With PODXT Live, Vetta II, And Workbench
  • XPS A/B Footswitch For Selecting Standard Or XLR Balanced Output
  • Comes in Blue, Black, Two-Tone Sunburst, and Vintage White finishes.

As soon as I can get my hands on one of these I’ll be sure to give it an in-depth review.