New Release: Guitar Pro 5 For Mac OS X

Guitar Pro 5 PackagingThe Wait Is Over!

This morning Arobas Music announced the release of Guitar Pro 5 for Mac OS X – a Mac-native version of their popular guitar workshop software. This is super-cool! I’ve been waiting oh-so patiently for this release.

We’ll have an in-depth review sometime in the next few weeks, but in the mean time here are a few of Guitar Pro 5’s features–

  • Write entire scores for guitar or bass, with input via MIDI, or through the easy to use interface.
  • Write and edit in standard notation or tablature mode.
  • Listen to your scores – including up to 256 tracks – in hi-quality sound.
  • Print out professional quality scores in different views for different band members.
  • A full Guitar Workshop right on your computer.
  • Chord Finder gives you quick diagrams of all chords, in all positions – even the most obscure.
  • Scale tool displays a vast array of scales: shows notes right on the simulated fretboard, or keyboard.
  • Includes a digital tuner and metronome.
  • Import & export ASCII Tabs, and covert ASCII files to tablature and notation.
  • Export Guitar Pro 5 files to WAVE format so you can burn to CD.

Guitar Pro 5 is available for both Windows & Mac OS X, and will set you back just $59, which seems like a steal if you’re writing songs, notation, or even just exploring music theory on the guitar – something most guitarist are infamously unfamiliar with…