Wanna' Learn Some Robert Johnson? Notation & Tab For Love In Vain Blues

Robert JohnsonWell, I can see I’ll be busy this weekend… I’m a huge fan of Delta blues legend Robert Johnson, and while I’ve always wanted to learn my way around some of his more difficult licks, it’s never been easy to find a decent transcription, and well, let’s just say my own attempts at figuring them out have been frustrating at best.

Anyways, I came across Fender’s Players Club today, which is basically just a free section of their website dedicated to online lessons, tutorials and the like, and they have a fairly extensive Blues section, including a snippet from the book Robert Johnson – Signature Licks.

The snippet is a transcribed lesson in how to play the Intro & first verse of Johnson’s classic Love In Vain Blues. It includes standard notation and Tab (you know you should learn to read music, right?) and has an accompanying mp3 fileso you can follow along.

They’ve also go the book for sale, but you might note that Amazon’s selling it for quite a bit cheaper… you didn’t hear it from me, though!