Best Of NAMM Summer 2006

Ok, it looks like I could write a week’s worth of posts just covering the new guitar-related gear released at last week’s Summer Session of NAMM in Austin, so instead I’m opting for a “Best of” look at what’s most important to guitar players – guitars and amps!

New Fender 65 Mustang GuitarFender Releases A Ton Of New Gear

New instruments from Fender this year include the aforementioned upgrades to their venerable Highway One line of Strats & Teles, the newly reissued ’65 Mustangs (left,) two new Classic Player’s Stratocasters (’50s & ’60s,) and an ultra-deluxe inlayed version of the 60th Anniversary Tele… nice.Fender Pro Junior Woody Tube Amp

Fender also released the latest version of their G-DEC Amp/Practice system, the G-DEC 30, and also a redesigned Pro Junior “Woody” tube amp (right,) decked out for Fender’s 60th Anniversary in a Honey Blonde finish with vintage red grille cloth, chrome grill strips, and a newly upgraded 10-inch Jensen speaker.

Gibson Ga40Rvt Tube Guitar AmplifierGibson Gets Into The Retro Tube Amp Business

Someone at Gibson has apparently finally smelled the coffee, as they’ve now released their super classy, retro-cool GA40RVT tube amp – which beyond its great looks sports point-to-point hand wiring, a hand-wired turret board, and even classic tube reverb and tremolo units.

Great two-tone Tolex styling includes dual top handles (cool and functional,) and the amp is said to use a pentode/triode switch to pump out solid overdrive at 1/2 wattage, making it possible to produce a heavy tube tone even at lower volume settings – try that with your Twin!

30 watts of power, two channels, 12“ Eminence Legend Speaker.

Gretsch G5135 Electromatic CorvetteGretsch Unleashes Five New Electrics And An Acoustic Archtop

Besides the G5120 Electromatic Hollowbody that we mentioned earlier today, Gretsch has announced four other new and reissued electric guitars, including the decidedly modern looking G5135 Electromatic Corvette (left,) the incomparably cool G6136DC White Falcon Double Cutaway, the classic G6120-1959 Nashville, and the only guitar I know of with leather trim – the G6130 Roundup w/ Western Leather.Gretsch G100 Archtop Acoustic Guitar

To top it off they dropped this beautiful bombshell of an acoustic – the G100 Synchromatic Archtop. Among other things it sports a maple hollowbody design with a gorgeous arched spruce top, pearloid inlays (look at the size of those things!) white binding, and even vintage-styled open-back tuning machines.

A masterpiece of old-school Jazz cool, circa the ’40s… sweet.

And Much, Much More…

Other standouts include new violin basses from Hofner, a host of new guitars and basses from Ibanez (wow, is that a ”Girl Guitar“ I see?) three affordable new Vintage Modified basses from Squier, and peavey’s entry into the vintage British tube amp camp with their Windsor all-tube amp head.