Dream Machine: Marshall's 1974X Reissue

Marshall 1974X Hand-Wired Tube AmpAnother Dream Amp From Marshall

I’ve been considering a number of amps recently, and one that’s really caught my eye is Marshall’s reissue 1974X — a hand-wired recreation of their classic 18-watt tube amp, the 1974 — which, ironically enough, was produced during the mid to late ’60s.

The 1974X is getting phenomenal reviews, and its no wonder why: it’s built to the exact specifications of the original, short of a few changes required by current safety laws, and is said to produce full, warm lead and rhythm tones even at low-volume settings.

On top of that, Celestion created a specially-designed aged 12-inch speaker just for this amp in order to better reproduce the tone of the now 40-year-old originals Other features include an authentic tube-tremolo unit with footswitch, all hand-wired electronics, a pair of 2 EL84 tubes for power, three ECC83 tubes at the pre-amp stage, and an EZ81 rectifier.

The Marshall 1974X weighs in at just 42 lbs, and has a footprint of 24“W x 20”H x 9“D, but don’t let the small size fool ya’ — it’s still gonna’ put a serious crimp in your wallet.