Tiny & Full Of Twang: Gretsch's Mini Diddley

Gretsch Mini Diddley-2Hehe… I’m guessing you may have come across Gretsch’s infamous Electromatic Bo Diddley guitar before, but have you ever seen its diminutive offspring, the Mini Diddley? What can I say – it’s Friday, folks, and the Mini Diddley seemed like a fun way to cap off the week!

Yeah, it may look a lot like the original, but the Mini Diddley is incredibly small: just eight inches wide, and not much more than a foot long (15-1/2 inches!) It’s even got a scale length of just 21.40“. Come to think of it, this baby might make for a great travel guitar, eh?

Amazingly, the Mini packs a fair amount of Gretsch-style goodness onto its tiny Luan wood frame, including a single bridge position mini humbucker (you just know that thing’s got some nasty twang, eh?) single volume & tone controls, body and headstock binding, and even a signature from himself scrawled across the truss-rod cover.

The Gretsch Mini Diddley Features–

  • Laminated Hardwood Top
  • Luan Back & Sides
  • Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard With 20 Frets
  • 21.4” Scale Length
  • Single Mini Humbucker Pickup
  • Single Volume & Tone Controls
  • 2-Way “Pickup Enhancement” Switching
  • Wrap-Around Bridge
  • Chrome Plated Hardware

Gretsch offers an optional gig bag for the Mini Diddley, which is good, because I doubt anyone makes a hard case of this size and shape. Perhaps a massively customized violin case? Perhaps…