King Of Twang: Gibson Introduces Duane Eddy Signature Hollowbody

Rockabilly Red Gibson Duane Eddy Signature HollowbodyInset of the Duane Eddy Signature

Duane Eddy, the rock world’s original king of “twang,” is said to have sold over 100 million records in his time – not too shabby for an instrumentalist, eh? In a lot of ways he was the first true Guitar God, and as such he probably deserves a signature model guitar more than anybody who has come since.

His signature twangy style was based around solid melodic work on the low strings, and a penchant for heavy, heavy use of analog tremolo and echo effects. While a lot of his chart-topping early work was done on a Gretsch 6120, Eddy went on to play many guitars, and his Signature instrument, as you can see, is a fat Gibson jazz box.

Talk about a stunning guitar… the Duane Eddy Signature Hollowbody is absolutely cherrie, and it sports more custom work than you can shake a stick at, including custom-wound single coils, a custom L.R. Baggs bridge transducer (for seriously mixing up your tone,) custom slim-profile neck, and a hand-picked, highly figured maple top, back & sides.

And for the twang traditionalist it’s decked out with one of the most twangy accoutrements a guitar have: an authentic Bigsby tremolo unit, not to mention a three-inch deep body, and what Gibson calls its Rockabilly Brown finish.

The Gibson Duane Eddy Signature Hollowbody Features–

  • Highly Figured Maple Top, Back & Sides
  • Highly Figured Maple/Walnut Neck
  • 24 3/4-inch Scale Length
  • Ebony Fretboard With 22 frets
  • Pearl Moustache Inlays
  • Custom Duane Eddy Slim Neck Profile
  • Custom Duane Eddy Single-Coil Pickups
  • L.R. Baggs Bridge Transducer
  • Master Volume & Individual Volume Controls
  • Shared Tone Control
  • Baggs Bridge Push/Pull, On/Off Volume Control
  • 3-Way Pickup Switching

Duane Eddy’s unprecedented string of instrumental hits includes: Peter Gunn, Cannonball, Forty Miles of Bad Road, The Ballad of Paladin, and many, many more.