Must-Have: Fender's New 2007 Custom Shop Guitar Calendars

2007 Fender CalendarNice! I was hitting my usual online guitar haunts this morning when I came across an announcement over at Fender’s website that they’ve got new 16-month Custom Shop 2007 Guitar Calendars available from their online shop.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a gallery of the other photos that are included (what are they thinking?,) but if the cover image is any indication I think I’ll be needing to buy one of these beauties to hang near my desk and help keep me motivated. According to Fender–

Each image is hand-picked from our Custom Shop repertoire and printed on heavyweight glossy stock that’s suitable for framing. You may begin drooling now …

The 2007 Guitar Calendar is going for just $12.99 – a deal if it brings you sixteen months of dream-inducing guitar envy, right?