Epiphone Introduces So Cal 50H Head & 412SL Cabinet

Epiphone Socal 50H Amp Head-1Last week Epiphone announced it’s latest foray into the tube-amp market, with what looks to be another solid performer––the new So Cal 50H Amplifier. According to Epiphone the amp features a 100% tube signal-path, paired with a solid state rectifier and tube powered reverb.

At the same time they introduced their new So Cal 412SL cabinet (4×12“,) which apparently sports a brand new speaker design created by Gibson and Eminence––dubbed ”Lady Luck.“

I meant to cover this in a more timely manner last week, but things managed to get a little crazy around EGR Headquarters (lots of new guitars & gear to review!) and then this afternoon when I logged into Bloglines I noticed that Khriz over at Music Gadgets already had it covered… so go check it out!