You Heard It Here: Andy Summers Telecaster In The Works

Andy Summers Fender Telecaster-1Well, there’s yet to be an official announcement from Fender, but according to an interview with ex-Police drummer Stewart Copeland (currently posted over on Fender’s website,) an Andy Summers model Telecaster is apparently in development.

It’s of course far too early to say what the specs will be, but the instrument will reportedly be based on Summers’ nearly indestructible ’61 Tele (left: photo from Andy’s official website,) which he used to incredible effect throughout his guitar-playing days with ’80s mega-band The Police.

Don’t hold me to it, but based on Fender’s recent work re-creating worn & torn guitars of the past, I think it’s a safe assumption that like the new ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster, the Andy Summers Telecaster will be a “Replica”––including painstakingly re-created blemishes, scuffs, and hardware modifications.

Unfortunately, that’s about all the info we’ve got at this point, so stay tuned––we’ll have more as it becomes available!