First Look: Effectrode Tube-Vibe Vibrato Pedal

Effectrode Tube-Vibe 2Well, here’s a sneak peek at Effectrode’s thoroughly retro, 100% tube signal path, funky purple metal-fleck wonder, the Tube-Vibe –– Effectrode’s homage to the classic ’60s Shiftee Uni-Vibe pedal.

Fully configurable––with Depth, Volume & Blend knobs, not to mention internal dip switches and a trim pot––my first impressions are that the Tube-Vibe may just be the last word in Vibrato effects pedals. Pop this baby open (Caution: power-down first!) and you’ve got access to a level of customization you just never see in tube vibrato units.

But hey, the good folks at Effectrode explain it better than me. Here are a few of the Tube-Vibes features––

• Internal trim pot. Allows the darkness of the vibe to be adjusted as desired. Factory set for maximum ‘chewiness’.

• Internal DIP switch allows selection between two entirely different LFO wave shapes to drive the bulb. One voicing utilises a pseudo-square wave to achieve a deep, thick and swampy throb to sound like an original Uni-Vibe on steroids. The other is a more subtle triangle wave, producing uniform sweep for smooth and natural chorus effects.

• Another internal DIP configures the Tube-Vibe for either vibe mode or vibe-wah mode. More subtle than wah-wah and very cool sounding.

• The only vibe with a configurable LFO. The Tube-Vibe adds a new dimension to the meaning of ‘custom’ – it can be configured to generate any waveshape to give a unique signature throb, thickness & tone. Contact us to find the perfect wave for your signature sound.

A full review is on the way (including more photos, and our newest feature: exclusive MP3 samples,) but so far I’m highly impressed with the Tube-Vibe… more to come!

Manufacturer: Effectrode | Model: Tube-Vibe | Price: $408 | Web Site: