Two Great Gibsons You've Probably Never Heard Of

Ron Wood Gibson S1 AdIf you’re a baby boomer you might just remember first-hand Gibson’s short-lived production of the Marauder and S1 guitars (sadly, they were both put to rest after runs of just five-years,) but for the rest of us there’s an interesting article over at Gibson’s website about these two seldom seen guitars.

Actually, reading the piece got me thinking about the exorbitant prices being paid for early-model guitars these days, but I’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that one of the few upsides of this trend is that long-lost gems like the Marauder & S1 are beginning to surface as collectable––and yes, even *gasp* playable–– instruments again.

Go check it out… they’ve got some great photos, specs, and two classic Gibson print advertisements, including the Ron Wood S1 ad above, and another featuring KISS’s Paul Stanley playing the Marauder. Good stuff.