Video Demonstration Of The New BOSS MICRO BR

BOSS Micro BR Digital RecorderEver since the announcement of BOSS’s new MICRO BR digital recorder I’ve been getting a lot of requests to post more info about this incredibly cool looking guitar gadget. Unfortunately, and rather surprisingly, full specs have been pretty hard to come by.

If you’re one of those folks who was looking for more information, you should know that Roland now has a mini-site for the MICRO BR, and while final specifications are still sadly lacking (which audio files are supported? what about recording resolutions?) the site does contain a pretty impressive video demonstration of what the unit is capable of.

I’d say that if you’re considering purchasing the MICRO BR when it becomes available (it’s expected in stores in late December ’06) you’ll definitely want to check out the new site––this tiny piece of equipment seems to pack a pretty big punch. Let me know what you think.