Happy Birthday To Us! EGR Turns One Today

Me-Color-Round-2Well, it’s finally happened––Electric Guitar Review reached its first birthday today, and I have to admit I’m pretty proud of how this little blog has grown. 12 months and nearly 300 posts later, we’ve managed to take a look at some great guitars & gear, build relationships with a ton of maniacal guitar-bloggers, and even unintentionally piss a few people off (hey, that’s blogging for ya’.)

So it only seems appropriate to send out a big thank you to all of my readers, without whose support I never would have made it this far––and also to all the many amazing guitar/gear makers who’ve been kind enough to send me their equipment to review (you know who you are.)

Here’s hoping for another incredible year of guitar reviews, news, rants, and commentary… and for old time’s sake, here’s a quick link to the very first post I wrote for this blog––a treatise on what many consider the greatest guitar of them all, Gibson’s absolutely timeless Les Paul.