Rare Find: Lordbizarre's Electric Guitar & Amp Museum

Lordbizarres Electric Guitar And Amp MuseumPolish heavy metal guitars? Cartoony-looking guitars built by an accordion factory? These are just a few of the gems you’ll find if you dare to enter the insanely great (don’t sue me Apple) website known as lordbizarre’s electric guitar & amp museum…

If Ekos, Italias, and old Nationals are what you picture when you think of funky old retro guitars then prepare to have your eyes forced open wide, like I did––ever heard of a Lotos, a Jola, or a Malwa? Goes to show that you just never know what you’ll stumble onto when you fire up a web browser.

The internet is making the world smaller and smaller, and I love it. Go take a look at lordbizarre’s electric guitar & amp museum. You won’t leave disappointed.

P.S. The bright magenta 12-string Defil Echo2 rocks my world.