Hear The Fender Princeton In Action!

Fender Princeton Recording AmpIf you’re in the market for a recording amp that can produce both classic, sparkling Fender clean tones, and dirty, vintage tube overdrive you might be interested to know that Fender has posted sound-clips for their new Princeton Recording Amp… and they’re pretty freakin’ impressive.

The amplifier is Fender’s latest re-working of their popular Princeton Reverb Amp of the 1960s, which was much-loved for its ability to produce powerful tube tone from such a small unit. In fact, I owned one of these in the ’80s, and I’m kicking myself for ever getting rid of it (20/20 hindsight, right?)

Fender Princeton Sound SampleAccording to their website, with the new Princeton Recording Amp Fender has put together a studio amplifier with the fantastic tube tone of its predecessors, but with a few added “modern” tweaks as well. It features a 100% tube pre-amp & power-amp, tube-driven reverb unit, a 10-inch Jensen speaker pumping 15-watts, and a special trans-impedance power attenuator which allows you to fully overdrive the tubes while setting the actual speaker volume to anything you like, or even turning it off entirely.

Among other things, the Princeton Recording Amp also sports onboard overdrive and compression effects (a really nice touch, IMHO!,) line-output with speaker emulation, headphone output, an effects loop, and a four-button footswitch. Via [Music Gadgets]