Finally: Gibson's Digital Les Paul Heading To Stores

Gibson Digital Les Paul Hd.6X-ProWow, it’s been a long time coming (when was this thing announced… 2002?) but according to at least two different reports, including an interview with Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, the inexplicably-named Les Paul HD.6X-PRO (aka, the Digital Les Paul,) is finally beginning to ship to stores, though apparently still in limited quantities.

I know of a few readers who will be very happy to hear the news, and while most of us will probably never in our wildest dreams be able to afford one, hey––at least we’ll be able to drool over it at the local mega-guitar-mart.

That is, of course, if you even like the idea of a digital guitar… I’m still not sure what I think about this whole push towards digital-everything, but I’ll certainly be interested to take the Les Paul HD.6X-PRO for a test drive. There’s something I find pretty fascinating about the idea of plugging my guitar in via an ethernet cable.

Down with the 1/4“ plug––long live 100Base-T!