Marshall's Vintage Modern Series To Ship In January '07

Marshall Vintage Modern AmplifierIf you’ve been lusting after Marshall’s recent wave of handwired and highly expensive re-issue amplifiers, like the exceedingly cool JTM45/100 & Super 100JH, you’ll be happy to know that the company has announced an entirely new line of amplifiers based on these two re-issues, and unlike their handwired predecessors they’ll apparently be priced for the average consumer.

The new Marshall Vintage Modern line of guitar amps is expected to ship worldwide in January of ’07 (our friends in the UK get access a full month early,) and comes in pretty much every flavor you could ask for, including a 100 Watt Head (the 2466,) a 50 Watt Head (the 2266,) a 2×12 Combo (the 2266C,) and two different 4×12 Cabinets (the 425 A & 425B.)

According to their website the Vintage Modern Series is built around the idea of providing authentic vintage Marshall tone, complemented with a full arsenal of modern conveniences, including: master volume, a series FX loop, extra overdrive, built-in reverb, and Marshall’s new frequency selective pre-amp topology.

It should be interesting to see if these new amps can live up to the hype… their predecessors––the handwired re-issues––have gotten great reviews across the board.