Hear Marshall's New Effects Pedals In Action

Marshall RegeneratorIf you’re in the market to spruce up your guitar tone you might want to note that over on Marshall’s website they’ve posted mp3 samples of their three new guitar effects pedals, the Regenerator, the Reflector, and the Echohead.

The pedals seem notable for the sheer number of sounds that they can produce––for instance, the Marshall Regenerator is a chorus, a flanger, and a phase-shifter all in one unit, and its accompanying sound samples are pretty impressive… the Step Phaser in particular is incredibly cool, though IMHO the Vintage Vibrato sounds fairly lifeless.

The other pedals, the Reflector & the Echohead, produce reverb and delays effects respectively, and both sound fairly sweet, with the stand-outs for me being the Echohead’s vintage-style Tape Echo setting, and the Reflector’s Reverse Reverb… mighty nice.

You can check out their sample pages below.

Marshall Regenerator––mp3 samples

Marshall Reflector––mp3 samples

Marshall Echohead––mp3 samples