Gibson's New Website & Forum For The HD 6X Digital Les Paul

Gibson Hd 6X Pro Digital Les PaulIf the comments on one of my recent posts are any indication, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion over what exactly Gibson’s new HD 6X Digital Les Paul has to offer, and how exactly the guitar can be integrated into a digital workflow (yikes… I just used the words “workflow” & “guitar” in the same sentence.)

Anyways, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Gibson, but this morning it looks like they’ve released a brand new, and far more comprehensive mini-site for the Digital Les Paul, including a much needed HD 6X Forum.

I haven’t had time to run through the whole site yet, but unless I’m reading it wrong it looks like one of my commentors was correct in stating that while the Digital Les Paul does indeed create a separate digital signal for each string, those signals are then routed to a breakout box (BoB,) which converts the signal back to analog for output to an amplifier or your computer’s audio interface…

Which begs the question: why would you want to convert a pure digital signal to analog and then back to digital for post-processing? Hmmm… I guess I’m thoroughly confused.