New From Chicago Blues Box: The Buddy Guy Signature Amplifier

Chicage Blues Box Buddy Guy AmplifierWell, I haven’t seen any official word from the manufacturer yet, but according to Guitar Player Magazine, Chicago Blues Box’s new Buddy Guy Signature Series Amplifier is now available for purchase.

The amp, which is based on Blues Legend Buddy Guy’s much-loved 1959 Fender Bassman, is being sold not so much an exact replica, but as a “sonic recreation” of the classic amplifier that helped put Guy on the musical map.

As Chicago Blues Box puts it––

When Buddy Guy asks you to design an amp – his amp – you start by listening to everything from the birth of Chicago blues to Buddy Guy’s signature tone. You play then tear apart his favorite vintage amps and test and document every resistor, capacitor, transformer and tube. Then you take all that research and create the Buddy Guy Series, Chicago Blues Box amp. When your done, you give it to him, shut your eyes and cross your fingers as he plugs in……..And when he asks with a smile, “what you got in this thing man?” You answer “nothin’ but Buddy”.             

The amp, which is handwired & finger jointed, features 60 watts of power, a 4×10 pine combo cabinet with Jensen P10R re-issue speakers, two 6L6TAD and three 12AX7 vacuum tubes, tweed black laquer finish, custom 1-watt resistors, custom 1-watt CTS pots (hand-assembled with carbon wafers and brass shafts,) a cane grill, four inputs, Normal & Bright channels, and treble, mid, bass & presence knobs.

It also sports dual bias controls, which allows for individual tube biasing.

The Buddy Buy Signature Series Amplifier is expected to sell for $4800.00, and the first fifty amps will come with certificates hand-signed buy Guy himself.