Guitar Player Reviews Marshall's Handwired Super 100JH

Marshall Jimi Hendrix Super100JhWell, it looks like those lucky bastards over at Guitar Player Magazine have finally published their review of Marshall’s handwired Super 100JH, and by all accounts she’s a beauty.

In case you missed my earlier coverage (back in June ’06,) the Super 100JH is Marshall’s homage/remake of the 100-watt stack that Jimi Hendrix used to carve out his place in Rock & Roll history, and along the way help put Marshall Amplification on the map.

While the Super 100JH recreates the classic look, and rather intimidating size, of Hendrix’s original 1966 heads and dual 4×12 cabinets (down to the leather handles, white piping, and gold beading,) according to Guitar Player this amp isn’t just for show––

The real beauty of the Super 100JH, however, is how readily it delivers ultra-classic rock tones. Whether your touchstone tones are Jimi’s, Peter Green’s, or Eric Clapton’s, this amp delivers them all with uncanny ease. For Hendrix stuff in particular, the Super 100 really has no peers.

An excellent and informative review, even if I am a bit jealous… I would have given one of my lesser-used body parts to have a few weeks with this extremely limited edition––they’re only making 600! Check it out.