Fender Debuts New Custom Shop Website

Fender Custom Shop WebsiteCool… I noticed this morning that Fender has launched a new website for its famous Custom Shop––including a sleek new design, a guitar gallery, and of course full descriptions and specs for their complete line of Custom Shop instruments.

Also included are a Fender Custom Shop Store (strictly merchandise,) a list of soon-to-be-retired guitars (really nice touch,) and a full list of Fender’s Showcase Dealers––for when you’re ready to drop some serious cash on a very serious six-string.

In fact, according to Fender’s copywriters––

…it’s a rare treat just to cradle a Fender Custom Shop instrument in your arms—to gingerly lift it from its case and marvel at it; to contemplate the object of beauty you hold in your hands and everything that went into it.

Hehe, all hyperbole aside, the new Fender Custom Shop website is definitely a welcome addition to Fender’s online presence.