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I Guess It’s A Daisy Rock Kind Of Day…

Disclosure Policy | Fri, Dec 15, 2006 | 366 |

Daisy Rock Candy Custom Red StarWow, Daisy Rock has announced a whole slew of nice upgrades to their popular line of girl guitars, including four brand new guitar models, a new bass, and a bunch of new finishes for their established instruments.

There’s no way I’m going to try to fit all of these announcements into one post, so I’ll be writing about the new instruments throughout the day, but here’s a bit about the new finishes––

Daisy Rock’s Rock Candy Custom & Rock Candy Special guitars both get the Red Star Finish (shown here,) and are still available in the original Dark Star finish as well.

The Stardust Elite Rebel & Stardust Elite Petite Rebel both get a new Jett Black finish, and can still be had in the original Sheena Pink.

And to top it off Daisy Rock has added a new Pink Sparkle finish to their Pixie Acoustic line of guitars. More to come…