Crate V1512 & V5212 Reviewed At Vintage Guitar Magazine

Crate V1512 Class A Tube AmpIs it just me, or does it seem like every major amplifier manufacturer is pumping out their own Class A tube amp these days? While I absolutely welcome the current re-emergence of tone over technology, it’s getting hard to keep up with all of these new “old-school” guitar amp models.

Of course, I fell headfirst in love with a full-on boutique Class A when I reviewed the Swart Amplifier Company’s Atomic Space Tone (heck, the thing was so incredibly responsive I ended up buying it!) but the world of mass-produced/low-power guitar amps is something that I have yet to delve into.

One of the latest to get onto the bandwagon is Crate, whose V series of all-tube amplifiers seems to be getting good reviews, and unlike many handmade boutique amps starts in a price range that most of us can afford–the 15-watt V1512 can be had for just $499.99.

Anyways, Vintage Guitar Magazine has posted a great in-depth review of the Crate Class A V1512 and Class A/B V5212, and by all accounts they are both solid amplifiers for someone wanting to step into the addictive world of all-tube amplification.

I’ll warn you though… once you go “tube” you’ll probably never go back, and if you’re anything like me, once you get a taste of a high quality Class A amplifier you’ll wonder how you made do with that lifeless solid-state for so long… the Atomic Space Tone changed my entire outlook on just how good my own guitar playing could sound.