New Class-A From Peavey: The Windsor Studio Amp

Peavey Windsor Class-ASure enough, another major amplifier manufacturer has busted out with a low-powered Class-A guitar amp that “gives guitarists the classic guitar tones of rock’s golden era” along with a few modern extras for those of us who have gotten spoiled by multiple channels, direct “mic-simulated” output and the like.

The new 15-watt Windsor Studio is the latest addition to Peavey’s Windsor line of tube (or should I say valve?) amplifiers, and it’s said to boast dual 12AX7s in the preamp, a single EL34 power-amp tube, and a power section capable of taking 6L6GC, 6550, 6CA7, KT88 and KT66 octal power tubes (plus their variations.)

The Windsor Studio will also feature Peavey’s new Power Sponge Attenuator (you can’t make this stuff up!) which apparently allows for excellent distortion characteristics even at low volume. Also includes High & Low inputs, Low, Mid & High EQ, Footswitch “Boost,” Footswitchable Effects Loop, Spring Reverb, 12“ Speaker, Mic-Simulated Recording Output and more…