Eastwood Guitars Reviewed By ToneQuest Report

Eastwood Airline Delta 6 High-Flyer ReviewIf you’re a fan of Eastwood’s funky guitar remakes & reissues you’ll definitely want to check out last year’s February 2006 ToneQuest Report––they ran a great interview with Eastwood founder Mike Robinson (with tons of great info for the retro guitar freak,) not to mention an in-depth review of four of Eastwood’s guitars: the Stormbird, Airline, Wandre and Hi-Flyer.

Unfortunately the report is in the form of a PDF document, so you won’t be able to read it online, but it’s well worth a download for anyone considering purchasing one of these low-cost, seriously groovy six-strings.

Here’s a bit from the ToneQuest Eastwood Review––

…Your first reaction to the Eastwoods will be, ”This doesn’t really look, feel or play like a cheap guitar …“ and they really don’t. Of course, the ”cool“ factor is also off the charts, which will appeal to all but the most seriously afflicted guitar snobs. These guitars are not only economically yet well built; they are also intended to be fun…

It’s not a quick read––the interview plus reviews is over ten pages long––but it will more than likely have you convinced of the quality of Eastwood’s instruments. For the price they just seem like a steal.

You can download the report here (via Eastwood’s site,) and you might also consider visiting ToneQuest to get a subscription to their fantastic neswletter.