Gibson Betting On 'Limited Run' Guitars–52 New Models For 2007

Guitar Of The WeekWell, if you’re into what I call the pre-determined collector’s item thing you’ll be interested to know that Gibson has announced its new Guitar Of The Week program which will see the guitar maker pumping out a brand new guitar model each week for 2007 (tip of the hat to Matt at Guitar Stuff.)

And what’s the catch? Each new model in this series will be produced for just one week––in a limited run of 400 instruments––ensuring that Gibson will make mucho bucks off of guitar collectors the world over.

According to their website, the new guitars will range––

“From favorite, historically accurate Gibson designs no longer in production, to specially designed colors, to exciting new models fresh off the drawing boards of the Gibson USA luthiers…”

New guitars will be announced every Tuesday, and once they’re sold out they will be unavailable––except, of course, on the after-market, where the popular ones will no doubt fetch a small fortune.

No word yet where you’ll actually be able to purchase these instruments, but I’m sure it will become apparent with time. Gibson is kicking the program off with its limited run SG Supreme AAA Maple bass––a nice looking instrument for sure.

Let the feeding frenzy begin. 😉