Epiphone Debuts Nick Valensi Riviera P94

Epiphone Nick Valensi Riviera P94Well, NAMM has come and gone, and I certainly didn’t have time to keep up on all the announcements, so this week I’m going to try to dig out some of the unsung jewels that got overshadowed by the big boys at this year’s conference.

While they’re not exactly a small time player, somehow I missed any word of Epiphone’s new Nick Valensi Riviera P94––a semi-hollow guitar built to match the preferred instrument played by guitarist Nick Valensi of . Of course, as a huge Strokes fan I just couldn’t let this one go without a proper post.

This is the second version of this guitar from Epiphone––the earlier one being an expensive “Elitist” level instrument––so the release of the new Nick Valensi Riviera P94 really marks the first time the guitar has been available to those without some seriously deep pockets.

The Epiphone Nick Valensi Riviera P94 will ship with a pair of high-powered Gibson P-94 pickups, a laminated maple body, set mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, parallelogram inlays, trapeze tailpiece, 3-way pickup switching, dual volume & tone controls, and chrome hardware.

So far there’s no word on the pricing, but it’s sure to come in far lower than its $1300 Elitisit brethren.