Vintage Guitar Magazine Reviews Budda's 10th Anniversary Twinmaster

 Budda Limited Edition TwinmasterIf you’re a boutique amplifier junky like myself you’ll definitely want to check out Vintage Guitar Magazine’s recent review of Budda’s 10th Anniversary Twinmaster––a made-to-order 18-watt class A/B combo with just a single 12“ speaker and tons of tone.

For those who haven’t followed Budda’s gear, the 10th Anniversary Twinmaster is an homage to the company’s break-out amplifier, the Twinmaster Ten, and is being offered in an extremely limited run of just 100 units.

Among other goodies the amp features hand-wired point to point electronics, a Class A/B power section, gold-plated tube sockets, custom wound transformers, passive effects loop, slave out, purple beluga vinyl covering, Normal & High inputs, and Volume, Bass & Treble control knobs.

The Twinmaster’s arsenal of tubes includes dual Sovtek 12AX7s in the pre-amp, a Groove Tubes 5U4 rectifier, and dual Groove Tubes EL84s at the power stage. The speaker is Budda’s custom Phat Twelve.

Vintage Guitar Magazine has provided an excellent in-depth look at what makes this diminutive beauty tick––check it out!