Come On… Show Us Your Gear!

Carys 1959 Guild ArchtopHey, we’ve been having some fun showing off our guitars and gear over at the new Tube Freaks Guitar Forum, and I just wanted to invite you all to join in––you’re welcome to post photos of your guitars, amps and the like, or just cruise the threads or even start one of your own. Guitars of all ages, makes and models are welcome.

The forum’s still brand new, so things are just starting to get moving, but I don’t know too many guitarists who don’t enjoy showing off their gear to others who can really appreciate it 😉

In the spirit of sharing, the photo to the left is my ’59 Guild Archtop… the model is anyone’s guess, as Guild didn’t keep good records until 1960 (just my luck!) but it is most likely a Starfire I or II. I’ll be posting more photos as I get a chance.

Hope to see you there!