Wow… Real People Really Do Win These Things!

Ltd Sc-200 Stephen Carpenter Signature 2Ltd Sc-200 Stephen Carpenter SignatureToo cool… it’s Friday again, and to end the week right I thought I’d share this with you––EGR reader Tim Shelton sent me an e-mail about a month ago to let me know that he’d been informed by ESP/Hot Topic that he was chosen as one of the 300 winners in their “Ultimate Guitar Giveaway,” which I wrote about back in November.

Anyways, a couple of days ago he was kind enough to forward me a few photos of himself spending some quality time with his shreddin’ new instrument: an LTD-SC200 Stephen Carpenter Signature model guitar.

Here’s a bit of what Tim had to say about the mysterious call he received from California––

“…the conversation had all the signs of a bill collector, you know verifying your name, address, phone number….. I stopped him and said what is this concerning? The guy on the phone said well you have won the Deftones guitar giveaway!! I was in total shock!! Excitement, disbelief, and my bottom jaw to gravity took over. After waiting nearly a month for the guitar to arrive, I felt like Cartman on the episode of South P ark where he was waiting for the Nintendo WII.”

I guess congratulations are in order, so hey––have a good weekend with your new axe, Tim!  And I’ve gotta’ say I’m happy to see that real people really can win in these Guitar Giveaways. I’ll keep you informed of any particularly good ones that come down the pike.