Gibson Announces Guitar Of The Week #3 :: SG Standard Silverburst

Sg SilverburstWell, we’re only two weeks into Gibson’s new Guitar Of The Week program, and the company already looks to be falling behind a bit… on Tuesday they managed to post a photo of the program’s latest instrument––this gorgeous limited edition SG Standard Silverburst––but Friday is here and so far there are no specs to be had.

Anyways, after waiting a few days I figured it was better to post what info we had, than to wait too much longer. I have to admit the photo is quite tantalizing, and brings to mind the incredibly hard-to-get-your-hands-on Epiphone Silverburst Les Paul, which people ask me about on at least a monthly basis.

I’ll be posting full specs of the SG Standard Silverburst when they become available.

UPDATE: Specs have now been posted on Gibson’s website––basically just an SG Standard with a new, albeit incredibly cool, finish.