44 Years Later: Danelectro Re-Releases Dano Pro

Danelectro Dano ProWow… 44 years after it first went out of production, Danelectro has re-released the Dano Pro six-string in all its kitschy, campy, retro ’50s glory.

According to their sadly lacking website (Danelectro, when are you guys going to come out of the stone age?) the new Dano Pro is an upgraded version of the original, sporting dual lipstick pickups (the original was a single pickup design,) upgraded electronics, a fully adjustable bridge, and a full-scale design.

Of course, not to be surpassed by the likes of Fender, the re-issue Dano Pro also marks Danelectro’s move into the so-called “Relic” department––the guitar features an antiqued pickguard, antiqued binding tape, and antiqued hardware.

Unfortunately, there are no other specs to be had at this time, though we did manage to dig up a price: around $299 out the door.

You can also check out a quick video demonstration of the Danelectro Dano Pro, via GearWire.