Rare Find: Not-So-Secret Stash Of Electro-Harmonix Video Demos

Electro HarmonixIt’s all fine and well that there are literally thousands of stomp-boxes and rack-mount effects available for guitar players these days, but try to find a brick & mortar retailer who actually carries a decent array of them––you know, so you can actually take one for a test drive––and you’ll find yourself SOL.

If you’re a fan of some of the more boutique, analog, or tube-driven effects makers, things get even worse. A full arsenal of Electro-Harmonix, Moog, or EMMA effects are basically impossible to come by, and in these cases you probably find yourself turning to online reviews, and user recommendations.

Anyways, a few months back, while researching the mighty Black Finger Compressor, I stumbled onto a stash of video demos on Electro-Harmonix’s insanely slow website, and then promptly forgot where I’d found them… well, I recently dug them up again, and I wanted to point them out to you.

As it turns out, Electro-Harmonix sells a DVD full of video demos of their products, including insider tips on how to get the most out of their stomp-boxes, but the DVD’s product page also contains links to some nicely produced, and fairly informative mpeg demonstrations of 22 of their most popular effects, including the insanely cool POG.

These babies are well worth a look if you’re in the market for any of Electro-Harmonix’s effects, or if you just want a taste of what a well-designed analog effect can do for your guitar’s tone… check it out. (Scroll down below the product info.)