My Quest For The Perfect Strat

Quest For The Perfect StratocasterIt’s funny, I’ve been playing the electric guitar for over twenty years now, and in all that time, while I’ve owned numerous great guitars, I’ve never owned a basic Stratocaster… not a single one.

I’ve owned Gibsons, Gretchs, and Guilds, a Rickenbacker and a few Teles to boot, but never a Strat. Sure, I’ve played tons of ’em, but that’s not the same thing as owning one. So recently I decided it was high time to add one to my collection, and hence I’ve started a new series of posts & reviews I’ll be calling simply My Quest For The Perfect Strat.

Now, the word ‘perfect’ means different things to different people, and of course what’s perfect for me may not be perfect for you, but in this case the phrase “Perfect Strat” really means the best mix of features, including tone, feel, style, electronics, hardware, and of course price.

There is no perfect guitar, but I believe that somewhere out there is an amalgamation of wood, metal and plastic that will fit perfectly in my hands, sing like a moaning angel, and coax the very best from my big, fat fingers… now I’ve just got to find it.

So for the next few months I’ll be posting reviews of the Stratocasters that I play on my elusive quest. Things are made a bit easier by the fact that like many, I am enamored of Fender’s vintage instruments (tone-wise, style-wise, and just plain mojo-wise,) which cuts out a lot of the modern, noiseless Strats coming off the assembly line these days.

Well, I guess I’ve got some serious playing to do. Here’s the list so far: