Rare Find: Man Builds $1500 Guitar From $15 IKEA End Table

Ikea-End-Table-Guitar-2Hehe.. talk about a limited edition. The enigmatic Zach, of Zachary Guitars, apparently built this gorgeous single-cutaway instrument using just one third of an end table as a top––yep, that’s $5 worth of prime, highly-figured furniture wood.

The guitar sports a multi-piece knotty pine body, single-piece mahogany neck (24.75″ scale length,) rosewood fretboard, a pair of DiMarzio Virtual P90 pickups, nickel hardware, and Kluson tuners.

According to Zach––

The action is great, the tone is unbelievable, the neck is super fast, tuning stability is as good as it gets. In short, everything just worked out great on this guitar. This amazingly figured top is from Ikea Furnishings. I bought one of their unfinished end tables for $15 and I can get three guitar tops from it. What a shame that they would use such amazing “tone-wood” for their cheap furniture. Its a sacrilege.

Selling price is just $1500. And while you’re over at his website you have to check out his amazingly entertaining “Idiot” page… good stuff!

Via Boing Boing, with a tip of the hat to Don at BloggingMuses.