Replacement Strat Pickups Compared: Check Out These MP3 Samples!

Replacement Strat PickupsIf you’ve found yourself in the market for a set of replacement pickups for your Stratocaster––or heck, maybe you’re just in the early research phase of doing some hack & slash guitar mods––you really need to check out the Strat Pickup Sound Clips page over at Acme Guitar Works.

These guys are in the business of selling pickups and other guitar parts, but be that as it may, they’ve done a stellar job of taking the pain out of comparing after-market Strat pickups… via mp3 files.

The concept is actually pretty simple: to level the playing field, and make comparisons as true-to-life as possible, the folks at Acme recorded a number of popular singlecoil pickup sets (Fralins, Fenders, Lollar, and Lace) all using the exact same set-up––same guitar, same amp, same settings, and even the same guitar player.

The result is an excellent page of mp3 samples boasting side-by-side comparisons of:

  • Lindy Fralin – Vintage Hot, and Blues Specials
  • Fender – CS Fat ’50s, CS ’54, CS ’69, and CS Texas Specials
  • Jason Lollar – Tweed, Blonde, Blackface, and Special
  • Lace – Holy Grail

This page is a true godsend for anyone finding it difficult to get hands-on access to all of these great pickup sets (let alone in a setting where they can be compared side-by-side,) and according to Acme they’ve got more pickup mp3 samples in the works… I’ll keep you updated.