Fender To Produce Limited Release Rosewood Telecaster

Fender Rosewood TelecasterFender has announced a limited production run of their new Custom Shop Rosewood Telecaster––a re-creation of one of Fender’s now extremely rare vintage 1960s guitars built entirely of hand-selected rosewood… yep, that’s a rosewood body, neck, and fingerboard.

The original instrument is perhaps most famous for showing up in the hands of George Harrison during the Beatles’ legendary concert on the roof of Apple Records in 1969 (see the original here,) though Jimi Hendrix is said to have owned a prototype of one of the early Rosewood guitars as well––a Stratocaster of course.

Among other things the new Rosewood Telecaster will feature a unique rosewood body, neck & fretboard, a pair of Fender’s Vintage Tele singlecoil pickups (’63 at the neck, ’67 at the bridge,) original vintage-style Tele bridge (with three threaded steel saddles,) 3-way pickup switching with “top hat” switch tip, and a traditional ’63 Fender logo on the headstock.

The guitar will also include a blonde hard case and a Custom Shop Limited Release certificate, and will be in production through Dec. 31st, 2007. No word on pricing.