A Tantalizing Look At The Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger

Electro Harmonix HumdebuggeAs a long time fan of Electro-Harmonix (not to mention the fact that I live in a 100-year-old house with really funky wiring,) I was more than a little intrigued last year when the company announced their new hum eliminator––the aptly titled Hum Debugger.

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled ever since for a good demo video of the unit, and after taking a look at this great footage from Gearwire I have to admit to being pretty damned impressed… I have absolutely no clue what makes the Hum Debugger tick, be it digital, analog, or some kid of voodoo, but I know that I’m more than willing to plop down $100 for a bit of that buzz-scrubbin’ goodness.

Electro-Harmonix describes their product in just three succinct sentences––

“Absolutely eliminates hum from any audio source. Not a noise gate and not a suppressor. Dead silence in your signal chain courtesy of a little EH magic.”

Hyperbole? Perhaps… Over-the-top marketing hype? Probably… but check out the clip for yourself. It’s a bit hard to tell just how good this thing sounds from the floor of a noisy NAMM Show, but the demo has definitely got my interest piqued.

Looks like more of that good ol’ black magic from Electro-Harmonix…