Guitar Player Reviews Vox CoolTron Tube Distortion Pedals

Vox-Cooltron-Bulldog-DistorIf you’ve been looking for an authentic, over the top tube distortion tone, but aren’t necessarily in the position to plunk down a small fortune on that menacing wall-o-Marshalls, you might want to check out Guitar Player’s recent review of three Vox CoolTron pedals––the Big Ben Overdrive, Brit Boost, and Bulldog Distortion.

I’ve been eyeing the Big Ben (and its new sibling the Duel Overdrive,) for some time now, and from the mp3 samples I’ve listened to I’m pretty impressed by the muscular, warm tone that Vox has managed to coax out of these solid little stomp-boxes.

The CoolTron line actually consists of seven pedals (five overdrives, a compressor, and a tremolo unit,) all delivering their magic via a 12AU7 pre-amp tube that runs at low voltage for better battery-operated playing times, and much less heat output. They’re definitely worth a look if you’re in the mood for some tone-tingling tube distortion.

You can check out Guitar Player’s review here, or head over to Vox’s CoolTron page and check out the mp3 samples and new video demo.

Already own one of these?I’d love to hear your take on it