Vintage Guitar Magazine Reviews American Deluxe Stratocaster V-Neck

Fender American Deluxe StratThis afternoon I came across a fairly in-depth review of Fender’s American Deluxe Stratocaster V-Neck, and since I don’t plan on reviewing the instrument as part of my Quest For The Perfect Strat series (neck preference is a very individual thing, but V-necks just don’t fit well in my hands,) I thought I’d drop you all a link.

As a quick rundown, the American Deluxe Stratocaster “V” neck is Fender’s answer to the guitarist who longs for a thoroughly modern Strat, but with the classic 1950s “V” shaped maple neck. It sports an alder body, the “ya’ either love ’em or hate ’em” Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups, Fender’s highly versatile S-1 switching system (making for 10 different pickup combos,) and a two-point synchronized tremolo.

Vintage Guitar Magazine pretty much has the bases covered as far as their review is concerned, with author Phil Feser seeming particularly impressed by the latest generation of Fender’s noiseless pickups. He writes––

“The new Samarium Cobalt noiseless pickups sound a bit more refined than the noiseless pickups weve tried in the past; previous noiseless pickups had a harsh high-end, these do not. Instead, theyre smoother and rounder, but still twangy, with more bell-like tone…”

The article’s well worth a read if you’re considering the purchase of an American Deluxe Stratocaster V-Neck… or just trying to wrap your head around all of the various Strat incarnations on the market today.

You can check out the full review at: Fender’s American Deluxe Stratocaster V Neck––Still Killer After All These Years.