VOX Celebrates 50th With Limited Run AC15H1TV In Oiled Mahogany

Vox-Ac15H1T-1In celebration of its 50th year in the music business VOX is producing an extremely Limited Edition run of its new AC15H1TV amplifier––eschewing the production model’s already stylin’ cream vinyl covering for an over the top oiled mahogany cabinet.

Like its production-run counterpart, the Limited Edition version of the AC15H1TV (which will consist of just 400 units,) isn’t a true reissue, but instead an amalgamation of vintage VOX specs built to “transport you through the golden age of VOX tone.”

The amp boasts re-creations of VOX’s much loved EF86 pre-amp channel circa 1958, combined with the popular ’63 “Top Boost” channel, and a host of more modern touches, including O/P switching (allowing you to switch between 15-watt & 7.5-watt modes,) a “Top Cut” control for rolling off the high-end as you increase the volume, and a new three-position Brilliance Switch for better sculpting of your tone.

Other stand-out features will include hand-wiring, a single 12″ VOX/Celestion Alnico “Blue” speaker, vintage “TV Front” grille cloth, and a full complement of vacuum tubes, including: one EF86, three ECC83/12AX7s, two EL84s, and an EZ81 rectifier.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 527 x 527 x 263.5 mm / 20.75 x 20.75 x 10.375 inches. No word on pricing.