Eastwood Produces Guitar With 27 Useable Tones

Eastwood-Joey-Leone-SignatuI don’t have to tell you that when I first read the description of Eastwood’s new Joey Leone Signature RBC I was more than skeptical of Leone’s claims of a full 27 different, not to mention useable, guitar tones.

Hey, but I guy can be pleasantly surprised, right?

While I didn’t actually count the distinct tones that were on display, Eastwood’s new demo for the Joey Leone Signature is mighty, mighty impressive. And coming from Eastwood I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

With three P-90s packed into a semi-hollow ES-335-style body, and a plethora of odd specs––including a Fender-style 25.5″ scale length on a Gibson-style body, an extra-wide fretboard, and some special coil-tapping mojo on those P-90s (controlled by three switches)––Eastwood has managed to build a guitar that seems to be equally at home with the quack of a singlecoil, snarl of a P-90, or even the warm punch of a true humbucker.

The Joey Leone Signature RBC will be available in Antique Sunburst and Natural finishes, and is expected to begin shipping in late April of 2007. The current street price is $1199.