Death By Audio Unleashes Interstellar Overdriver Supreme

Interstellar Overdriver Supreme today announced the release of its latest 100% analog overdrive creation––the divinely titled Interstellar Overdriver Supreme.

Apparently an evolutionary step up from the exceedingly simple Interstellar Overdriver pedal, the new Interstellar Overdriver Supreme features two independent channels: one that pumps out classic old-school overdrive tones, the other one capable of producing six different types of “drive, fuzz, and noise insanity.”

According to Death By Audio the pedal’s first channel gets its creamy tone via a germanium diode clipper (with on/off switch,) while channel two boasts a 6-way voice selector switch for dialing in a plethora of different sounds––settings include: Interstellar Overdrive, Treble Drive, Bass Drive, Octave Fuzz, Oscillating Fuzz, and Voltage Controlled Tremolo.

The Interstellar Overdriver Supreme also features true bypass, for total silence when not in use, and is hand made in Brooklyn NY. Street price of $320.

Check out their webpage for some great fuzz-laced sound samples (amazing how many companies still aren’t supplying these.) The pedal seems predestined for ear-destroying goodness.

I’ll see if I can get one in for review