Guitar World Reviews The Hand-Wired Marshall 1974X

Marshall 1974X Hand-Wired Tube Amp 2Just a quick note: I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been drooling over Marshall’s new 100% hand-wired 1974X combo since it was first announced last year, and in fact I’ve been keeping an eye out for one to test drive in my area, but so far I haven’t had any luck (damned cow town... I’ll probably need to head over to S.F.)

Anyways, this morning I stumbled across a pretty decent review of the 1974X over at Guitar World’s website, and they’ve got an excellent video demo to boot.

The amp is basically a single-channel rocker disguised as a dual-channel (you’ll need an A/B box,) and built to reproduce Marshall’s original low-wattage model 1974, circa the late ’60s––All tube. Onboard Tremolo. 18-watts of power. 12″ speaker. Vintage grille cloth. That’s about it.

True plug ‘n play. Check it out!