The Gadgeteer Reviews Miranda's S-250 Travel Guitar

Miranda S-250 Travel GuitarJust a quick note for those of you still in the market for a travel guitar––Julie over at The Gadgeteer has posted a great review of the Miranda S-250 Steel String Travel Guitar.

The instrument is apparently devoid of a sound box, so headphones or some form of true amplification are pretty much mandatory here, but Miranda has managed to pack a full-size/full-depth “body,” Mahogany neck with 25.6-inch scale length, rosewood fretboard, 9v pre-amp (they claim it will stay juiced for 30-hours on a single battery,) and a set of Gotoh tuning machines, into a package that meets the carry-on size limitations of most U. S. airlines.

In fact, according to The Gadgeteer, the S-250 can go from “broken down” to fully functional in less than three minutes… not bad. You can check out the full review here, and Miranda has some nice mp3 samples as well.