Sound Samples: 24 Top Amplifiers Compared

Orange AmpWow––I’ve gotta’ send out a huge thank you to reader Franck Gestin (in France even!) who was kind enough to clue me in on this great resource.

Online German guitar retailer ProGuitar has built an exhaustive section on their website dedicated to comparing some of the top guitar amplifiers, including high-quality recordings made with both Strats & Les Pauls, and covering both clean & dirty settings.

They’ve got mp3 samples of a whopping 69 different amplifiers, covering 24 different manufacturers, including Matchless, Marshall, Orange, Budda, Bad Cat, Fender, Vox, Mesa, Bogner and more.

This one’s going straight into my bookmarks, as it should come in handy for anyone in the research phase of purchasing a new guitar amp. Well worth a look––check it out!