A Master Craftsman At Work: John Page Builds Numero Uno

John Page P1After a hiatus of many, many years, John Page, best known for his years of work heading Fender’s illustrious Custom Shop, has gotten back to his roots… building guitars.

Page has apparently set-up shop once again, and via his column over at Modern Guitars Magazine he’s promised to walk us all through the process of building serial number 001 of the new John Page P-1 guitar.

The photo here represents an early prototype, but according to Page, the #001 model of the P-1 will be a serious piece of eye candy––it’s expected to feature a double-contoured chambered body, AAAAA quilted maple top (stained blue w/black underlights,) a back of Honduran Mahogany, 5-piece maple/mahogany neck, and a fingerboard of curly Brazilian Rosewood.

While Page doesn’t go into any kind of great detail on his actual technique, the photos alone give a great look into what it takes to build an A1 quality electric guitar. Check it out.

Well worth a read if you’re like me and you find yourself enamored of the idea of one day building your own guitar… Next post in the series: building the neck.